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Shelter Island

The Shelter Island real estate market offers a unique blend of waterfront properties, historic homes, and peaceful surroundings. Shelter Island was characterized by a diverse range of listings. To get current insights into property values, market trends, and availability in Shelter Island real estate, it's recommended to consult a local real estate expert familiar with the latest developments.

Indeed, Shelter Island has distinct neighborhoods, such as Shelter Island Heights, Ram Island, and Dering Harbor. Each area offers a different ambiance and amenities. Waterfront homes and properties near Shell Beach and Wades Beach are often in high demand, providing serene coastal living options.

Property taxes in Shelter Island are based on property assessments and the town's tax rates. Homeowners typically pay around 2% of their property's assessed value annually. It's essential to consult with a local real estate professional for precise tax estimates on specific Shelter Island properties and any recent updates to the tax rates.


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