9 Reasons People Love Living in the Hamptons

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The Hamptons is, without a doubt, one of the most sought-after areas in the United States for living and raising a family, but why is that? There are many reasons why homes in the area are so highly prized. First and foremost, the beaches are spectacular, stretching for miles along the Atlantic coast. But there are plenty of other reasons why the Hamptons is such a desirable location.

The natural surroundings are beautiful

The natural beauty of the Hamptons is without a doubt one of the main reasons why so many people are drawn to the region. With miles of beautiful coastline, exquisite hiking trails, picturesque state parks, and so much more, it's no surprise that people flock to the Hamptons year after year. Although the Hamptons are close to New York City, the area has a secluded country feel, giving the region an undeniable allure. It provides a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life in the big city. Whatever you love about being outdoors, the Hamptons have something to offer everyone.

There are several state parks in the region

The Hamptons is a veritable paradise for those who love getting active and outdoors. Whether you're a photographer, a hiker, or just somebody who enjoys being outside, the Hamptons will have something for you. Several state parks dot the region, including the famous Montauk Point State Park, which features the iconic Montauk Point Lighthouse — one of the most photographed subjects in the Hamptons. Hither Hills State Park is another area of natural beauty renowned for its picturesque landscapes that provide photographers with ample opportunities for capturing world-class shots.

The beaches are the best on the Atlantic coast

Perhaps the most famous feature of the Hamptons is the miles of beachfront stretching all around the tip of New York's Long Island. While there may be a few excellent beaches in Malibu and Miami, you'll be hard-pressed to find a nicer beach on the Atlantic Coast anywhere in the country. Those who love swimming or enjoy lounging in the sand will feel right at home living in the Hamptons. The beach is seldom more than a stone's throw away, making it one of the most picturesque regions in the entire northwest. The majority of homes in the Hamptons are oceanfront, which is another reason why the area is so highly sought after among real estate investors.

The area has plenty of vineyards & wineries

Most people know the beautiful beaches dotting the coastline surrounding the Hamptons, but fewer people realize that the area has some of the best vineyards and wineries. In fact, except for Napa Valley, the Hamptons is without a doubt the best wine-producing region in the United States.

Environmental factors play a significant role in determining how good a batch of wine will turn out. The Hamptons hamlets are situated on the same lateral as Napa Valley and many of the most famous wine-producing regions in the world, including those in Spain and France. For these reasons, the wines produced in the Hamptons are widely considered some of the best independent wines made in North America.

Those who live in the Hamptons are spoiled for choosing wineries to visit. The area provides ample opportunities to taste locally produced wines and attend fancy soirees at picturesque vineyards in the country.

The Hamptons is close to New York City

Although the Hamptons has a country vibe and feels like an entirely other world, the truth is that you can reach the heart of New York City within only a few hours, making the Hamptons one of the most sought-after weekend getaways for those living in the Big Apple.

In fact, many of the most successful New Yorkers have vacation homes in the Hamptons which they attend whenever they have free time, as even a few days in this special place can help reset your mind and rejuvenate your spirit. For those who don’t mind commuting, the Hamptons may just be the best place to live in New York, and people who work remotely won’t be able to find a better neighborhood in the state.

There are top-notch sports & recreational facilities

On top of the countless outdoor hiking trails, state parks, and beaches, the Hamptons also boasts a plethora of excellent sports venues and recreation facilities, including the storied Shinnecock Hills Golf Club, which is one of the most prestigious courses in the United States, possibly even in the world. There are equestrian centers, aquatic centers, and numerous country clubs for those who don't golf, making the Hamptons a haven for those who love playing sports and keeping active.

There are lots of excellent museums to explore

Photo courtesy of Rogers Partners, The South Fork Natural History Museum
The Hamptons also boasts several excellent museums, including the Parish Art Museum, Sag Harbor Whaling & Historical Museum, The Bridgehampton Museum, The South Fork Natural History Museum, The South Hampton History Museum, and many others. Few regions in the U.S. have more museums per capita. So, whether you're interested in natural history, maritime history, the history of the Hamptons, or you simply want to admire some fine art, you’ll be able to find a museum that suits your style and taste in the Hamptons.

There are world-class restaurants in the area

Photo courtesy of The Palm at East Hampton
The Hamptons has some of the best restaurants in New York, possibly even in the country. Bostwick's On The Harbor, The Palm at East Hampton, The Harbor Bistro, and the 1770 House Restaurant and Inn are only a few of many five-star restaurants known for having gourmet menus that will delight even the most discriminating foodies. There are numerous grocery stores, organic food shops, delis, bakeries, and beyond for those who prefer to prepare meals at home. As a result of this culinary richness, many people visit the Hamptons solely to enjoy fine dining, but residents can enjoy the best of what the Hamptons offer year-round.

The area is highly exclusive

For all of the reasons mentioned above and more, the Hamptons is one of the country's most expensive and exclusive regions. Some people consider exclusivity to be a good thing, whereas others think differently; however, the high barrier to entry keeps the neighborhood in good overall shape and attracts people worldwide. There are many excellent schools in the area and health centers, parks, and much more, making the Hamptons a fantastic place to live and raise a family.


Few areas in the United States boast the same high-level quality of life as the Hamptons. The area is of natural beauty and has numerous picturesque walking and hiking trails, making it a paradise for amateur and professional photographers. Several gorgeous state parks can also be found in the region.

Of course, the area is most famous for its pristine Atlantic beaches, which are certainly among the most beautiful in the Northeastern United States. Countless sports and recreation venues call the Hamptons home, including the famed Shinnecock Hills Golf Club, which is among the best golf courses in the world.

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